Unbranded sunglasses or Cheap Sunglasses Are Good For Your Eyes?

It’s a truth, not everyone have a budget to buy branded sunglasses. So Every problem has a solution, some companies have manufacture duplicate or unbranded sunglasses mostly you can see in street sides. These companies manufacture poor quality of sunglasses, which have no UV protection coating. People easily trust them and buy sunglasses because the price is so cheap. You have no idea, what product they used in cheaper sunglasses. Maybe the product they used, it will harmful for your eyes, it creates the problem in your eyes and infection.

sunglasses  In some case, good fake sunglasses are sold at higher prices, people are not able to differentiate between in the original and fake. If you choose branded glasses, always buy from trusted retailer or shop.

Non branded sunglasses are not comfortable to wear because of 0f their sizes.  

In non-branded, the material is used has local, UV light directly passes through the lens and go to retina [inner eye] it damages your eyes completely and partly. Branded lenses are covered with a highly UV protective coating which did not pass UV light to eyes.

Wearing non-branded or unbranded sunglasses cause headache.

Cheap sunglasses or unbranded sunglasses have their cost low, but they will harm you at a high level, you can pay more than the cost in surgery, eye care, infection and eye diseases, as compared to a cost of branded eyewear.

Branded sunglasses have their quality, high standard if their glasses have the poor quality they can lose their client. Branded are better than non-branded.

Branded sunglasses

  • Always manufacture the good quality product.
  • Cheap rate, so anyone can buy it.
  • Guarantee of quality and safety.
  • Frames have special lenses which have 100% protect eyes from UV rays.
  • If anyone can budget problem to buy branded sunglasses, they can use discounted coupons and offer in the festival sale. Buy one time branded sunglasses are worth it.

Branded Sunglasses

Some tips for you should apply before buying sunglasses

  • Firstly Brand, it is the most common thing you should know, choose brand according to your comfortability and budget both are important. You can choose non-branded sunglasses which have used good quality of material and UV protection coating. There are many companies which manufacture high quality of the product but they are not brand.
  • Secondly Polarized glasses, you can see most people wearing polarized glasses. Polarized are faded after some time of using  Unbranded and local sunglasses. These polarized glasses can affect your eyes also. It can also make difficult to see LED and LCD screen.
  • Thirdly UV blocker, always prefers those sunglasses who have 100% UV blocker, these ray harmful ray affect our eyes. Cheaper brand does not manufacture UV blocker sunglasses, they coloured the lenses and convince their client these are UV blocker eyewear.

General Tips

  • If in the local brand you feel comfortable so choose it. No matter, what other said.
  • Choose sunglasses according to your face.
  • Do not use unbranded contact lenses.
  • Check Up your eyes regular interval of time.
  • Your eyes are very sensitive, care for them.
  • Wash your eyes at least 5-7 times a day.