How to take care of eyes in summer season?

In Summer season people are suffering from many problems related to our body like skin darkening, Heat boils, dehydration, heat stroke, oily skin, and eyes problem. Some major eye problems, which affect the eyes and these eye disease are mostly developed in summer like

  • Eye allergies [dust, other substance in the air and pollen]
  • Dry eyes
  • Conjunctivitis,
  • Styes

Dry eyes are the common problem in summer because of increase in temperature and rapid tear film evaporation. So take precautions to prevent eyes problem in summer.

Symptoms of eye allergies in summer

  • Watery eyes
  • Redness of eyes
  • Pricking sensation,
  • Discharge from eyes


In this articles, provide some information about how to take care of eyes in summer and what precaution would be taken.


Do not rub eyes (Summer Season)

In the summer season, eye an infection [ itchiness and irritation] are a common problem. People are easily getting an infection from other, take some precaution.

Avoid rubbing eyes, when eyes get infective. Stop touching eyes when eyes get conjunctivitis, because if someone rubs eyes than they touch things and someone another touch that thing they get an infection of pink eyes.


Wash hands

When someone meets their family members, neighbors, friends and relative handshakes are common for greeting. But it can cause many diseases, 30% of common disease transfers from one person to another is from handshakes. So avoid hands shakes or wash hands on a regular basis it can help to prevent disease.

To protect eyes from a common disease, wash hands on a regular basis, eyes are more sensitive to infection. Wash hands when applying some treatment to eyes like cold compression, eye drops, wash eyes and  Slices of Cucumber.

Wear sunglass with 100% UV protection

In summer UV rays are harm eyes 80% as compare to other seasons. To protect eyes from harmful rays wear sunglasses, this ray can damage eyes completely, permanently and it also causes eyelid cancer. To protect eyes from UV rays, purchase sunglasses with 100% protection from UVB and UVA. Always wear sunglasses when going outside even on cloudy days and rainy days.  

UV sunglasses

Use eye drops

In summer regularly use eyes drops, to clean eyes from germs and dust. Eye drop can give relief from eye pain, tired eyes and common eye problems. It can also provide cooling to eyes.

eye drops

Wash eyes

In summer, wash eyes with cold water it can help eye from tiredness and laziness of eyes. It is a simple way of a clean eye from dust.

Wear goggles in swimming pools

In summer, people enjoy swimming. 

Swimming pools eyes are easily getting gems, easy ways to protect eyes from germs wear goggles in pools.

A pool, 90% germs are affected eyes, other contaminants and ocean have contained highly germs which harm eyes.


Eye protection of young ones and children

Usually, parents avoid wearing sunglasses to their children and young ones. According to research 80% people suffering from UVR exposure to the age of 18, because children play outside at warm days. Use eyes drop and wear sunglasses to children, it can help to protect eyes of children.

General Tips

  • If someone suffering from eye flu or any communicable disease, do not use contact lense and avoid swimming.
  • Do not use eye infection instruments.
  • Avoid sharing eye makeup and cosmetic.
  • Do not share a towel. Pillow, bed, and handkerchief.
  • Do not touch taps and handles of doors.
  • Use sanitizer to clean hands.
  • Wash eyes with clean water.
  • Protect eyes from the chemical.
  • Sleep well.
  • Wear hats and cups [children to].
  • Wear sunglasses while playing and other outside activities.
  • Eat healthy food.
  • Drink lots of water.