Stye | symptoms | causes | treatment | home remedies

What is the stye?

A stye is also known as a sty.A swelling of the eyelid (outline), it looks like a small pimple, that can form in upper or lower eyelid of an eye. It is red in color and painful, some stye are easily heal and some wants medicines from the doctor.

It is easily visible to everyone, underside it is also red in color, painful and looks like a pimple, but both outside and underside stye have deep inside the eyelid. It can occur when gland of the eyelid are blocked. It can block because of the opening of gland obstructed by dust, small particles, and makeup.



  • Painful bump.
  • Pain in the eyelid.
  • Eye pressure.
  • Swelling of the eyelid.
  • An eye is blinking.
  • Tearing.
  • Some the vision is blurred because of pus it spreads all over the eyes.


The human body is cover with good bacteria and bad bacteria, in the body, good bacteria are coated. Some these bacteria are over produces which create a pimple, these pimples are a stye.

Infection is caused because some bacteria, which are lives on the edge of the eyelid are blocked an oil duct[ secretes oil]. In some cases, dead skin and germs can block the surface of the eyelid.

causes of stye


In some cases, stye does not need doctors treatment because it can vanish in few days. If it can be serious, take doctor precision.

Minor surgery

  • Some time stye becomes serious, doctor prefers minor surgery to completely drain a stye.
  • In some case, the doctor cut the white part of stye, it can also help to get over with stye and help in relieving with pain and swelling.

Antibiotic and ointment

Doctors firstly prefer antibiotic cream or eye drops to put on the infection, then give pills and tablets antibiotic to take it at the right time.

Home remedies for Stye

Warm compression

  • Put a wash towel in warm water.
  • Squeeze the water.
  • Then put it on closed eye. [15-20 minutes].
  • Repeat it 3-4 times a day.

Proper wash of eyelids

  • Softly and properly wash eyelid with soap and filter water.

Do not use makeup and contact lenses

  • Best is to avoid wearing eye makeup and contact lenses. ┬áContact lenses have contaminated the bacteria.

Use Green Tea Bags

  • Green tea has all natural antibacterial abilities to fight any infection.
  • Dip green tea bag to warm water.
  • Apply when bags are cool down.
  • Put into an eye. [5-10 minutes].
  • Throw the Green tea bag after each use.
  • Repeat in 2 times a day.

Potatoes and cucumber

  • Apply a piece of potatoes and cucumber to the eye, it can decrease inflammation, pain, and irritation.

General tips

  • Wash your hands.
  • Do not use cosmetic and others comedic.
  • Clean your contact lenses.
  • Do not improved within a day.
  • Do not worried in stye everyone face vision problem.
  • Eyelid has swollen and eyes don’t open properly.
  • Redness and pain can extend beyond face.