Myths About laser eye surgery.

Today’s s many people who have to face a problem with poor eye vision all their lives, some time is very difficult to see anything with power glass & the idea of being able to see clearly without power glasses or any contact lenses may seem like a dream. But the helping of latest laser eye surgery treatment it’s really very easy safely. So many people have myth related to laser treatment or laser surgery.

There is a small percentage of people who regress and these patients can benefit from an enhancement or secondary procedure. In new laser medical science is a result of the natural healing process that takes place following the procedure.

What is Laser Eye Surgery?

Laser eye surgery procedures have an excellent patient safety record & a significant success rate & thankfully, reports of sight-threatening complications resulting from laser eye surgery are very rare. The most common types of laser eye surgery include LASER, PRK, LASEK, and EpiLASIK.


Like any typical surgery, potential risks, unforeseen side effects, and limitations cannot be ruled out prior to undergoing the surgery. But, laser eye surgery can depart in the specifics of the subprogram, Surgical instruments are used & your patient candidacy. You might be a better candidate for PRK, for instance, than for Laser.

The aim of laser eye surgery is to correct a person’s vision – whether they are short-sighted, long-sighted or have astigmatism by reshaping the cornea. It is extremely rare that a post-operative complication cannot be corrected.

laser eye surgery


  • It takes three minutes to treat each eye approximately.
  • A well-trained surgeon, in conjunction with eye-tracking technology, ensures that eye movements do not affect the result. It does not matter if you move, sneeze, blink, or a cough during the procedure.
  • This laser is UV light one pulse removes a quarter of a hundredth of a width of a human hair. It’s a very light touch.
  • The laser can NOT make you go blind.

LASER Myth 1: I’ll still need glasses:

FACT: Some many people think that they will still need glasses after laser treatment because the procedure provides only moderate vision improvement. You can have laser surgery age of 65. As long as at the age of 18 or older anybody can have Laser eye surgery. It’s a procedure that needs to be taken seriously, and recovery time is to be expected.

LASER Myth 2: LASER side effects :

For the first day or two, the eye is healing, & it is normal to experience haziness, itchiness or other side effects. These are usually mild and temporary. In order to monitor side effects & make sure that the eyes are healing properly, you should see your doctor one or two days following the procedure.

LASER Myth 3: The laser is painful.

LASER eye surgery is painless. Some Eyes drops are used to cure eye during the process. After the procedure, patients describe they feel dis-comfortable in their eyes such as a blurry & itching sensation for a few hours. some people have experienced very little discomfort & irritation.

99% of those treated said their knowledge & understanding of laser eye surgery had been significantly enhanced & that they would have no hesitation in recommending laser eye surgery to their family, friends & patients.

Deciding to have LASER EYE SURGERY is an important decision that should be taken seriously. You should do so with a full understanding of the LASER myths, facts,  and benefits.