How to Improve Eyesight with Eye Exercise App?

Oh Yes, there’s an application for eye exercise, you are spending most of the time with your cell phones, so do some eye exercise for better vision. Only 5-6 minutes a day makes your eye sights strong. Because of technology you can do eye exercise on your mobile.

Best eye exercise App

Eye Exercises – Eye Care Plus

This is one of the best App for eye exercise, they provide Vision Training and Daily Exercises with the fun package. In this App, techniques are suggested by ophthalmology and brain trainer. The aim of App is to make everyone with better vision.

Eye Care plus

How Eye exercise App works

  • Exercise with vision therapy
  • Eye exercise
  • Daily eye training
  • Vision training plan
  • Eye care Hub
  • Track progress
  • Daily tips
  • Eye facts
  • Healthy and nutrition recipes
  • Q&As with ophthalmologists [specialist]
  • Every information about eye health, diseases, training, etc


  • Best 50 High-quality eye exercise.
  • 10 exercise for lazy eye, dry eye and eye relaxation.
  • 8 other exercise for common eye diseases and problems.
  • 12 eye test for vision testing.
  • Training calendar for eye detail of app user.

Eye Trainer – 12 Eye Exercises

This App is like personal eyes trainer for you, like body muscles need daily exercise, jogging, running, cycling and yoga, eyes also need daily exercises. This application makes your exercise easier with simple 12 steps, you have to spend daily 7-8 minutes.

The eye trainer is user-friendly, they trained you to step by step. Human eye needs frequently need eye treatment, therapy, massage and test, this app provides all eye cares treatments.

Eye trainer

Help to Reduces eye disorders

  • Myopia [nearsightedness]
  • Hyperopia [farsightedness]
  • Astigmatism
  • Eye-straining


  • 9 training
  • Eye massages
  • Color blindness test
  • Training to reduces eye problems

Eye exercises

This application provides you farsightedness and nearsightedness, they create a reminder for your exercise time, you will set the reminder according to yourself. It helps you to reduce fatigue and tension and make you relax.



  • Eye exercise for daily
  • You can set timing of exercise
  • Flexible reminders
  • Alarm clock

Special training

  • Eye muscle training
  • Myopia prevention
  • Hyperopia prevention

Eyecare Eye Test – Eye Care

Eyecare to test your eyesight and color blindness, schedule training according to your test result. It is easy to use, mobile friendly. They work in data management and analysis, improve vision with video and diet.


How can this app to eye test?

  • Vision acuity test
  • Color blindness test
  • Contrast sensitivity test
  • Astigmatism
  • Red-eye test

How does trainer work?

  • Vision acuity test
  • Close your eyes
  • Move your eyes
  • Random move
  • Left-right, up-down
  • Blink
  • Two object

Eye Test – Eye Exam

An eye test can check comprehensive eye exam and common eye problems [eyesight, nearsightedness, and farsightedness]. They offer free and simple screen test anywhere or anytime, it developed eye care with help of professionals.

Eye test exam

Some vision test

  • Blindness and color blindness
  • Cataracts
  • Marcular degeneration
  • Dry eye


  • 12 eye tests to vision improvement
  • Vision can improve with result tracker, daily result checker can check a daily report of vision improvement.
  • Question and answer related to eye health