Eye color & its Myth About Personality?

The eye is a most beautiful thing in the world, it is a sensitive part of human body. Eyes are revealed emotions, expression, they can communicate most of the time. Eyes say a lot of human personalities, and eye color can reveal the truth about personality and nature.

Eye color is depended upon person’s genes, because of melanin, the genes related to the eye color, production, transport and storage of pigment. It is related to the amount and quality of the melanin in the layers of iris’ front. Blue eye color has less amount of melanin in the iris, and brown color has a large amount of melanin in this iris.

Different color of eyes(eye Color)

  • Dark blue [Denim blue]

Dark Blue Human has originally had brown eyes, color depends upon the amount of melanin in the iris.

People who have Blue eye are hard working, earn a lot, Their hard work will take them far. They enjoy every moment of their life, but work is more important than anything.

Many celebrities also have blue eyes

  • Emma Stone
  • Ian Somerhalder
  • Taylor Swift


  • Ice Blue

Ice Blue Ice blue eyes color people are attractive and charming personality. They are passionate and opinionated, are not afraid to speak what are in their mind. Also no care what people think about them. These people are always ready to argue and debates and do not lose the battle at the end of it.

Ice blue eye color looks very beautiful and cool.

  • Brown eyes

Brown Eyes Brown is common eye color over the world, 35% people have brown eyes but it does not mean every brown color is same, every person has different brown color.

People with brown eye color are stylish, magnetic and attractive. Nature of brown eyes people are the little bit flirty and they are shine like a star, between people around them.


Gray eye color looks gorgeous, these people are sensitive and kind nature. When the world needs softener and sharpness, they come back to gray eye people. They are also so kind-hearted people, help everyone. Because of their behavior, people know them.


Green Green eye color people are complex, extraordinary and intelligent, they also serious in their relational between anyone, they have lives creative and positive life. They get easily jealous but gave lots of lover to nearby people. They used their mind most of the time, people find them absolutely fascinating.